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Dog Walks/Drop ins
$30 for the first 2 dogs*

This service allows your dog(s) to stretch his or her legs while you are away to help keep them out of mischief in the home. Up to 30 Minutes!!

*$5 each additional dog

In Home Sitting/Overnight Sitting
$115/day for first 2 dog*

The in home sitting service allows your dog to stay in his or her environment while you are away but still receive the care needed with up to four visits per day.


Overnights includes the sitter spending the night! 

*$10 for each additional dog

Drop ins for Kitties

This service allows you to know your kitty is being fed, getting fresh water, a clean litter box and some love and any other special needs the little one might need.

*up to 2 kitties..each additional is $5 charge

**if there are kitties along with dogs each kitty is an additional $5 per visit or $10/day in addition to the dog fee

Additional Small Pets

$5/visit or $10/day

Any additional small pets that need taking care of along with Cats and or Dogs we will give them the love and attention they need. (I.e. chickens, hedgehogs, hamsters, parrots, guinea pigs) Feeding, cleaning, watering!

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